What is any India festival without food? One of the biggest and brightest festivals in India, Holi guarantees its own set of lip smacking delicacies to gorge on. Not to be outdone, chefs, with each passing year, create something new and magical to add to the already growing repertoire of Holi delicacies to nibble on as you dabble with some colours.

We give you 11 recipes that have been generously shared by chefs from across India to make your Holi that much more special.

Nature has a way of celebrating the ‘Festival of Colors’ in its own way with some sweet yellow mangoes, succulent blueberries, and vibrant oranges. With a palate like this, creating a dessert masterpiece isn't too difficult! Red velvet sponge is layered with a velvety blueberry mousse as well as mango mousse and topped off with a thick orange jelly-flower and pistachio slivers.

National Mousse Day is quite a long time from now, but Holi isn’t! We bring in the festival of colours in style with a dessert that tastes as glorious as it looks – citrusy duo of mousse, orange and lemon, is piped onto a sweet, red-velvet sponge and topped off with cubes of orange and strawberry-jelly and pistachio slivers for that munch and crunch. Serves 1.

If you’ve ever wondered what a rainbow tasted like, well, now you can finally know. Layers of vanilla pound-cake coloured in the shades of the rainbow are blanketed with sweet cream-cheese and topped off with red-velvet crumble. Tell us if you spot a unicorn, okay?

Whats Holi without a cold shot of Thandai? We take the legendary North-Indian favourite and give it a sweet little twist. Thandai infused mousse is layered over butterscotch nibbles and sweet strawberry compote and topped off with mango glaze. Soft rose petals, succulent black currants and pistachio slivers adorn this decadent dessert keeping you coming back for more!    

A festival is incomplete without special desserts and delicacies, and Holi makes it merrier as gorging on rich and savoury dishes is an add on to the carnival of colours. On the morning that is celebrated as Rangwali Holi, friends and family play and chase each other with dry powder, coloured water, water guns and water-filled balloons.

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